Pure Mitten Pride | Meet The Photographers

Devon Loerop 

Hi, my name is Devon. I am 23 years old and appreciate seeing the world from a different perspective.

I love traveling, learning about what makes the world tick, absorbing myself in music, using new technology, and capturing ageless beauty in my surroundings. I am passionate about the thrill of traveling to new destinations and seizing the allure in images the world around me has to offer.

Several years ago, what started out as a hobby has grown into an enchantment of artfully securing perfect shots from a “bird’s eye view”. Aerial photography allows me to capture the spectrum of colors, shadows, and lights into one comprehensive image. The melancholy of a cloudy day contrasted by the radiant warmth of a burning sunset are what energizes my soul. Through my journey, I’m discovering the most beautiful images surround us every day, however due to the grind of every day life, we inhibit ourselves from admiring the amazement of the canvas of our environment. My goal is to capture the beauty around me into ageless images of art and share them with you.

Let’s experience this adventure together!

Tyler Leipprandt

Michigan Sky Media is able to capture high-quality aerial images and videos from a high-end drone. We are FAA certified and are excited to meet all of your aerial needs. We are able to capture videos and images of residential property, commercial property, farm property, fields/crops, insurance claims, inspections on buildings/towers, real estate photos, windmill inspections, recreational, weddings, senior pictures, family pictures, cityscapes, landscapes, golf courses, sporting fields, large/small events, or anything else you can dream up.

Jordan Marentette


My name is Jordan Marentette and I am a  photographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

I’ve spent my whole life in Michigan, and I couldn’t be any more proud to be a Michigander. I am a current optometry student working on my degree to become an eye doctor. My passion for the sense of vision, and helping people reach their full sight potential, has progressed into capturing beautiful photos and videos. 

I want to display the beautiful creations in the state of Michigan and around the world to everyone. 

Thanks for checking out the gallery!

Roman Kahler

Roman (@Foranova) is a photographer from Metro-Detroit who currently lives in Northern Michigan. He got his start in photography doing guided Northern Lights tours in northern Finland immediately after graduating college. He currently does a wide variety of photography, including weddings, real estate, product and brand promotion, aerial photography, as well as his true passion shooting the Northern Lights at home in Michigan. He is extremely fond of the UP, especially the Keweenaw, where his ancestors called home during the copper mining era. You can find him selling prints at art shows all summer long, including the Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor art shows. He is extremely passionate about Michigan history, and is currently writing a comprehensive guidebook on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Other interests include backcountry camping, offroading, playing guitar, small scale farming, hockey, snowmobiling, and restoring vintage axes.

Richard Click (Clickism)


My name is Richard Click. I'm a self taught photographer from Southeastern Michigan. I started taking photos in 2012 and haven't looked back since. I live in Metro Detroit- but you can find me in the woods whenever possible!

The night sky, waterfalls, and sunsets are a few of my favorite things to photograph. The Great Lakes State has a ton of Mother Nature to admire. Both peninsulas can keep you coming back for years to come. Whether it be a touristy-spot or a hidden gem... Michigan has more to offer than most people realize.

I'm excited to show you my favorite places from around our state!